“There Are No Ordinary Days”…..

November 23, 2019

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While attending my buddy’s son’s 7th grade game the other day, one of the parents (an Indiana Basketball fan) had something to say.  “I see the Hoosiers are playing Princeton tonight, when are they gonna play a game that matters?” I know this guy.  A good guy but just a bit outspoken.  I’m sure he meant no disrespect to IU Basketball with that comment.  My issue was that he didn’t even really KNOW what he said.  What I wanted to tell him was this:

”There are no ordinary days”

Imagine a State Farm insurance agent driving from Indianapolis to Champaign, Illinois for a meeting.  It’s a gray, cold, November day.  I’ve made this drive before – it is very uneventful.  He’s an IU hoops fan too.  Driving along, listening to sports radio talk shows and his 80’s music.  Most people would say this day is ordinary, even boring.  Except it isn’t.  This meeting in Champaign is for regional State Farm agents to learn new ways to assist people with disaster relief.  Ways that will better help these people, reduce their suffering, and change the way State Farm does business.  So to this agent…..today is not ordinary at all…..far from it.

Stay with me.  Now we’re at the IU/Princeton game the evening of this day.  Coach Archie Miller’s team has been dealing with a lot of injuries.  As a head coach, every time someone is injured you’re coaching a different team.  One of IU’s players, Devonte Green, due to recent injuries, is only playing his second game of the season. Normally a starter, Green has been coming off the bench.  It’s crucial for Coach Miller to get more information about Green’s health as he works him back into the lineup – because he will be a major contributor for IU this season.  So while this Princeton game may not “matter” to some on the outside, to every single member of the IU Basketball program….this game is far from ordinary.

My point with these stories is this:  Every day matters.  I don’t mean like a Hallmark card inscription.  I mean that in sports, business, or family life, every single day is a golden opportunity to learn, to grow, and to contribute to that thing that’s bigger than you.  Pour yourself into it.  Make sure at the end of the day that you lay it down better than you found it.  Be INTENTIONAL about what you do.  Because that’s how “ordinary “ days become extraordinary…..


Happy Thanksgiving & Stay Thankful,

Alan 🏀 🦃 🙏🏾

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