“The 4 Minute War” – What It Means In Basketball And In Life”…..

December 13, 2019

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This one hits us all, no matter your walk of life.  When I was a basketball manager at Purdue, grad assistant Steve Lavin introduced the concept of the “4 Minute War” to our team.  Basically, it breaks down a 40 minute game into 4 minute chunks – since a media timeout occurs at the under 16, 12, 8, and 4 minute marks.  It allowed players to “compartmentalize” the game, instead of looking way down the road 40 minutes later.  A long game become 10 “mini” games.  It also helped our teams to “stay/play in the moment” – never get too high or low.  Focus on the war you’re in, have a conversation during the timeouts, then pour into the next war.  It’s a concept I’ve used at every stop in my career.  But I want to take the 4 Minute War idea a little deeper, because there’s a life piece to it as well.

Plato once quoted, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  I love this quote, simply for its pure truth.  EVERYONE has something going on.   A war they’re facing each day when they swing their legs off the bed.  You may be thinking about your own war as you read this.  Whatever it is, let me just simply encourage you this week to keep battling.  In a tough, physical game, some of those timeout discussions were simply this, “keep battling fellas, because this next war could change the whole game!!”

So that’s my encouragement for you this week.  Whatever “war” that you’re in, keep swinging until you can get to the next “timeout” in life – whatever that looks like for you.  The next 4 Minute War may be getting to your next paycheck, or a loved one’s next clean medical report, or a teenage son or daughter’s baby step battle against depression.  Like I said, EVERYONE is dealing with something.  Just like basketball, we’re all heading into a war, in the middle of one right now, or about to head into one soon.  “Be where your feet are” and stay locked in on the “war of the moment”.

So be kind, and keep “battling the moments” until that next timeout.


Much Love and Merry Christmas!

Alan 🎄 🏀

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