“Staying Committed To This Mentality Is Powerful”……

July 31, 2019

Fpo 6

I love driving.  Something about a new journey of being on the road, the expectation and excitement of going somewhere….I just love it.  Probably because journeys are a fabric of life, and something we all have in common.  As most of you know, the last few months have been challenging for me – both personally and professionally. Statistics on stress say that the 3 most challenging battles in life are: 1) A loss of a loved one, 2) A change in employment, and 3) a move or change of residence.  Since the month of April I have experienced all three.  I say this not to create a “sob story”, but to share with you one of the things that has kept me energized in the aftermath of these life events.

In addition to a love of driving, I also love learning.  As I’ve settled back here in Indy, it’s been a blessing to be close to family and friends after the above-mentioned events.   One thing that I’ve been able to do is drive around and watch some of my coaching buddies run their summer practices with their teams.  In the past couple of months, I’ve been able to visit Purdue, Indiana, Butler and Louisville.  I also recently was able to work the new NCAA College Basketball Academy in Phoenix with my good friend of 30 years, Steve Lavin.  Being back in the gym and the chance to be on the court was really fun.  The energy in the gym was like a drug – the high of growth, teaching and development that is truly one of my favorite parts of coaching.

That’s the mentality I wanted to share with you – keep growing.  Life throws things at all of us.  All we can do is control how we respond.  Coach K at Duke uses the phrase “NEXT PLAY” to get his guys back into the moment after emotional events during the course of the game.   The game – like life – has swings that we often can’t control.  But the ability to respond is a gift if we seize it.  The chance to keep growing has truly – along with God’s grace – kept me going.  Let me say that again…..growing will keep you going.

You want to know how being on the road and learning intersect for me?  Every single time I’m driving to the practice facility of the school I’m visiting, I get this rush inside.  The closer I get, the rush gets stronger.  It’s a rush that I’m about to be different – and better – for doing what I’m about to do.  To be honest….it’s absolutely exhilarating.  So as long as I’m on this side of coaching, I plan to keep growing.  Whatever profession you’re in, keep doing the same and stretch yourself.  Trust me…….it’ll keep you going.

Keep Hooping,

Alan 🏀

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