“Ask Yourself This Question Often….The Answer Is Life Changing”

August 9, 2019

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The beach and a basketball court….talk about two of my happy spots in life!  I’m nowhere near thankful enough that basketball been such a huge part of my life.  Around 13 years old or so, I knew I wanted to coach.  On the gravel and dirt court in my driveway as a kid, I went from the young dude learning how to play with older guys, to eventually being the older guy teaching the young dudes.  One time during a 3 on 3 game, I called a timeout and we set up a play for a kid named DeJuan Washington to get a jumper.  The huddle broke.  Pass. Screen. Shot. Bang……that was it.  I was hooked.

So I wanted to ask you to ask yourself this question…..What’s your W.H.Y.?  The W.H.Y. stands for “What Hypes You?  Regardless of your profession, obviously “what” you do is important to pay the bills and keep folks fed.  But “why” you do what you do is as important a question you could ever ask yourself – and only you can answer it.  For 26 of the last 29 years, I have been blessed to do exactly what I dreamed of doing since Dejuan splashed that jumper way back when. What hypes me?  I want to use the God-given skills and abilities I have to help people perform at their best.  The joy of seeing “progress from the process” of development has its own special reward.  When a team decides to collectively commit to that?….and to go all in with it?  That can lead to lifetime memories…starting with the cutting down of nets.

But ultimately, the relationships that come from coaching are the foundation of my W.H.Y.  Recently a group of Ohio State alumni, called Carmen’s Crew, won the TBT (The Basketball Tournament) Championship on ESPN.  Having been lucky enough to know most of those guys since we started recruiting them in 2004, watching them celebrate was priceless.  15 years of watching guys grow from high school kids, to college guys, then college grads, THEN professionals…. finally husbands, fathers, and grown men?? C’mon……I can’t speak for every coach I know, but that’s W.H.Y. I do it.

So make sure to ask yourself that question as often as you need to…..If you need a suggestion for a place to go so you can clear your head and figure it out?…..I’d go to the beach. 😎


Stay After It,

Alan 🏀

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